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Top 5 Wheel Alignment Mistakes You Didn’t Even Know You Were Making

Top 5 Wheel Alignment Mistakes You Didn't Even Know You Were Making

Mistake #1: Ignoring the Bumpy Ride

Alright, buckle up (literally). If your car feels like it’s trying out for a rodeo, your wheel alignment might just be the culprit. Yes, those bumps aren’t because you’ve transformed into a speed racer overnight. Get a mechanic to align those wheels before you get tossed out of your seat like a cowboy!

Mistake #2: Trusting the “Eyeball” Method

Your eyes were not calibrated at the factory to detect misaligned wheels, okay? Stop squinting at your tires and hoping for the best. Get a professional with actual equipment to check your alignment. You’ll thank us when your car stops pulling to the right like it’s trying to catch a Pokemon.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the Car Drift

If your car seems to have ambitions of merging into the next lane without your approval, it’s not some autonomous driving feature going rogue. Your alignment needs help. Get that checked before your car decides its new best friend is the bumper of the vehicle next to you.

Mistake #4: Post-Pothole Neglect

Hitting a pothole might give you a heart attack, but it’s your car’s alignment that gets knocked out of whack. Ignoring this might have you swerving like a drunkard in a slapstick comedy. Don’t be that guy. Take your car for an alignment check ASAP.

Mistake #5: DIY Alignment Wizardry

We get it, Youtube makes everything look easy. But if you think you can DIY your way out of a wonky wheel alignment with some makeshift tools, think again, MacGyver. Leave it to the pros unless you strangely enjoy uneven tire wear and a car that moonwalks sideways.