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Are Used Tires Safe?

It depends…
Did someone buy a new car and swap the tires for something else almost immediately? Of course.
Did someone drive for 3 years on a set, parking in the sun, and fixing multiple flats? Definitely not.

Things To Consider Before Buying Used Tires

Age of Tires

Did you know there’s a specific date code on every single tire? Tires have a lifespan, typically about 4-6 years, depending on the environment. Things like heat, humidity, and road conditions can greatly reduce lifespan. You can find this date code right on the sidewall of every single tire, here’s an example:

How They Were Treated

Do you know if the tire was ever driven on flat or under-inflated?
Not likely, this can cause structural damage to the sidewall that is impossible to see. A damaged sidewall can lead to blowouts without warning, it is a ticking time-bomb.

Was the car the tires came from kept in a garage, or outside?
Sun and UV rays significantly increase the risk of dry-rot in the rubber, leading to extremely unsafe blowouts.

Were the tire air pressures always maintained?
Under-inflation and over-inflation can cause unusual wear patterns, which can lead to failures while driving.

Was the car’s alignment correct?
A vehicle out of alignment can cause all sorts of strange wear patterns, which can lead to poor performance, and even failure while driving.

Lack Of Support

Used tires have no manufacturer warranty, and recalls that might have happened over the years are unknown to you. There is often safety-related recalls, and you’re rolling the dice buying used.

Should You Risk It?

It’s a risk you have to decide if you want to take. You have to weigh safety with cost savings. Often an affordable new tire isn’t much more considering it will last 60-75k miles, instead of starting at quarter or half the life with a used tire.

We do not sell used tires, it’s a safety risk we’re just not comfortable making for our customers.

We’d be happy to work with you and find affordable new options though!

We also offer financing, with easy 90-days-same-as-cash!

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